Multi-NVR Viewer

Multi-NVR Viewer 3.0

Monitor, manage, and control Plustek network devices (See all)
Plustek Inc.
Organize the work of a network consisting of Plustek devices like NVRs and DVRs. Gain access to workstations at multiple locations. Configure network settings, view device status, disable and enable communication, etc. Monitor the activities in selected environments.

Plustek Multi-NVR Viewer is a CMS [Centralized Management Software] solution to centrally monitor and manage distributed Plustek’s network devices, such as NVRs and DVRs, in multiple locations. This powerful system is designed for larger-scale and/or widely distributed installation environments. The program allows you to monitor instant live view footages on multiple Plustek’s network devices under one interface. Also, it provides high quality, lower quality or hybrid quality viewing options, camera live video feed, recording, alarm status, ability to locate cameras on Google Maps, and more.

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